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. . . diary of a hstlr

lady . . . that is.




April 19th, 2007

freidns only!


as long as i`ve blogged the entries have always been friends only, unless otherwise stated.  so if you after reading the below passage about myself would like to be a friend of mine and get into my head, simply add me then comment to let me know you added me ;)!  thnx & godbless.


NAME:  pinkie, coco, boss bitch.
AGE:  21
LOCATION:  las vegas
HOBBIES:  420, music, video games, cars, dancing & writing.
OCCUPATION:  i get money, worry about yourself.
SITUATION:  single, my heart is occupied though.
MOTIVATION:  mi familia, y musica, y carros, y mota <33.

I`m a very well rounded, educated, classy & sophisticated lady.  I`m a hustler, don`t let anyone tell you different.  My life is nothing but a hustle.  So I define myself as such.  I know what I want, and I don`t stop until I get it.  I`m a music freak and am fully involved in the world of music.  Be it promoting, writing, singing, rhyming, dancing, producing or mixing a track ya girl has dabbled in it all.  Thanks to some friends in high places <33.  I`m a lover, not a fighter.  I don`t like confrontation, so I try to stay away from it.  I`d much rather smoke a blunt, sip on a 40 and chill back with my patnas in front of a football or a basketball game than argue with yamp ass bitches. 

I don`t like drama & immature bull.  So remember that.  I`m gutta, I keep it real, and I call it like I see it.  So if you don`t like it, kick rocks you beezy.

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